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What is the Optimal Program?

Our published research demonstrates unparalleled success in the reversal of cognitive decline. There are four different optimal programs: the ReCODE ReportPrevention, Reversal, and the Intensive.

The ReCODE Report

The ReCODE Report is derived from the Bredesen Protocol, a comprehensive personalized program designed to improve cognition and reverse the cognitive decline of SCI (subjective cognitive impairment), MCI (mild cognitive impairment), and early Alzheimer’s disease. The ReCODE Report utilizes the protocol to inform and produce an optimal program to stop the progression of cognitive decline and begin improvement—the only effective program to date. This is a comprehensive program that optimizes many different metabolic, hormonal, and other parameters to enhance cognition and reverse cognitive decline.


For those who are without symptoms, it is important to be evaluated, identify risk factors, and address these to optimize cognition for decades to come. There is a straightforward and inexpensive program to do just that, with continued updates and evolution as research leads to iterative enhancements.


For those who have begun to demonstrate symptoms, including those with SCI (subjective cognitive impairment), MCI (mild cognitive impairment), and early Alzheimer’s disease, there is an optimal program to stop progression and begin improvement—the only effective program to date. This is a comprehensive program that optimizes many different metabolic parameters to enhance cognition and reverse cognitive decline.


The Intensive is an immersion program—many people find that the easiest way to learn and implement the comprehensive protocol is to attend an intensive program, with talks, demonstrations, and group discussions. These intensives are held at relaxing, stress-free sites, where participants and their spouses are introduced to the program, have their questions answered, and learn the protocol step by step. Furthermore, meeting others who have had excellent results often provides both inspiration and an excellent source for answers to practical questions.

A few words from Dr. Bredesen’s current participants…

I greatly appreciate your detailed advice and explanations regarding the hormone issue and others. I will incorporate what you have suggested regarding supplementation and testing.

I send thoughts of gratitude to you every day. I am so happy to be able to appreciate it all.

With my warmest regards.

55-year-old female, Attorney
…Please know how grateful everyone at www.apoe4.info is grateful for the opportunity to extend your research. Many of us were struggling to implement a very similar systems approach without the precision your software and oversight provide.

You’ve got a fan club in us—for real. In our eyes, you’re a rock star 🙂

Gratefully Yours.

53-year-old female, Entrepreneur
My dad, a former neurologist, is in late stage AD, having had to stop working at 67. I have been following your protocol…along with advice from a neurologist at Weill Cornell, since late April…

I feel like I have had an awakening. I didn’t know that I was experiencing early cognitive decline when I started on the protocol, but just wanted to prevent the disease. Now I realize that I was.I noticed a few improvements in August, but by September it was clear to me that a “fog” had lifted and I could identify specific changes in my cognitive functioning. I feel like my life is back, and I am writing to thank you and to share with you what I have experienced and learned in the event that that my doing so might also help you as you continue with your research…

One of the things that most strikes me about all of this is that I couldn’t have told anyone that all these things were problems last year. I couldn’t put it all together. I was still functioning on the outside. I just thought I was “so tired” and things were sometimes “fuzzy”. Beyond that, I couldn’t identify specific problems. The changes come on slowly so that you don’t really notice. Also, the mental fatigue that comes with the changes is very powerful, and makes you think you are just exhausted or burned out. Now that I am improving, I can see the deficits for what they were. I feel like it is an “awakening” and I just hope that it lasts.

I don’t know how to thank you enough for your protocol. It has truly changed my life.

With heartfelt gratitude.

49-year-old male

…We were impressed with your depth of research, open-minded approach, and willingness to share your life-saving information. As you know, you are shining a great light on our once clouded future and providing a blueprint for our community moving forward.

We are deeply grateful.

55-year-old female, Teacher

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